A vintage chic wedding guest book idea!

posted in: Decor and Inspiration, Guest Book at 5:54, Saturday 8th March

Every married couple needs a way to transport themselves back to their wedding day from time to time. On anniversaries, with friends and family, cuddled up with each other on the couch with a glass of wine… This walk down memory lane typically takes place through a wedding guest book. A special book of collected memories, lovingly recorded by each guest and the couple themselves.

Today’s couples are constantly coming up with interesting new ideas and ways for their guests to leave them a memento. Recently, one of our couples put a chic new twist on an old idea.

vintage typewriter_guest book_ weddings in Italy_ SposiamoVi Wedding Planners

Guest book table_ Detail_ Weddings in Italy_SposiamoVi Wedding Planners

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