Your first consultation with SposiamoVi

Our vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction.

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Your first consultation with SposiamoVi

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Decisions Decisions!

How to choose a wedding planner 

Okay, so you’ve said ‘I do!’ and you’re going to be Mr. and Mrs. in a year’s time (or less). That’s fabulous!

If one of your first steps is to hire a wedding planner, we have some vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction.


After you’ve researched potential wedding planners and narrowed down your list to, say, three, it’s important to make contact and conduct a question/answer session. The planner will need to know things like guest headcount, potential location desires, catering wishes, etc. in order to put together a basic service proposal and estimate the cost of your wedding. You’ll need to know about the planner’s experience, basic event rates, availability, etc. Please note that, unless you have a ‘sky is the limit’ budget, a cost estimate is virtually impossible if information, numbers and details are not shared from the start. But more on that later…

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Is the coordinator there from beginning to end on the wedding day?

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Absolutely! We don’t work with an hourly contract, we are there all day: from set up and preparations right on up to when the last guest has left the venue.   Your coordinator will be there from the very beginning to the very end of your wedding day.

Anything can happen at any point during the day, so it’s extremely important that your wedding coordinator is there for you.

To handle any unexpected issues and help you avoid stress, putting you at ease by knowing that they are there handling every single detail.

Contact us for any information on our services and schedule a call to discuss your wedding!

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Do you execute multiple weddings each weekend?

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The week before a wedding is vital to its success. A SposiamoVi coordinator will take on only one wedding per week, and therefore only one wedding per weekend. The coordinator will be at your pre-wedding meeting, rehearsal and any planned events around the wedding. This person will be totally focused on everything having to do with your celebrations and stay. SposiamoVi Ravello wedding plannersContact us to book an online consultation to discuss your wedding in Italy.