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Spellbind your guests with a ballet show

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Wedding entertainment has taken on a whole new meaning, especially where a destination wedding is concerned. You want to give your guests a fabulous and memorable experience, one that will dazzle them and express the love you and your partner share with each other.

As a wedding planner, it’s crucial to consider the couple’s identities and passions when helping them to select their form of wedding entertainment. An original choice that personifies the couple, and entertainment that matches their general wedding theme.

Today we want to introduce to you an unusual yet magical form of wedding entertainment for your party. Entertainment that will surprise and delight your guests: the ballet.

When the ballet comes to mind, most of us picture an extravagant production on a large stage. Hard to imagine such a performance in a non-theatre setting. But our clever team put their heads together, tried it out and found an intimate ballet production to be a huge success!

Taking the location into consideration, we organised a performance that made the couple’s entrance to their party absolutely unforgettable, as you can see…

Wedding ballet entertainment by SposiamoVi

Wedding ballet

A bevy of lovely ballet fairies floated down the candle-lit aisle, each holding a lighted lantern. Once the fairy dancers reached the stage, lighted up in a warm pink-purple hue, they performed a lovely and playful dance. Graceful movements in flowing muslin and tulle, lights glinting off the intricate fairy wings. A veritable Midsummer Night’s Dream scene come to life.

All the guests were positively spellbound by the creative entertainment, and the party reached a whole new level.

Bride and Groom entrance at Villa I Collazzi

Photography Morlotti Studio

This was just to give you a taste of how ballet can be used as wedding entertainment. Recently, we also planned a more traditional performance for a bride passionate about the art of ballet. You can see stills of that entrancing performance on our Instagram account.

At SposiamoVi, there’s no limit to what our creative team can concoct for your big day!

Our extraordinary team of planners, designers and stylists go out of their way to discover suitable entertainment for your wedding. Keep an eye out for our upcoming projects…you’re sure to gain some excellent insights as to what we can do for your wedding.

Your first consultation with SposiamoVi

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Decisions Decisions!

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Okay, so you’ve said ‘I do!’ and you’re going to be Mr. and Mrs. in a year’s time (or less). That’s fabulous!

If one of your first steps is to hire a wedding planner, we have some vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction.


After you’ve researched potential wedding planners and narrowed down your list to, say, three, it’s important to make contact and conduct a question/answer session. The planner will need to know things like guest headcount, potential location desires, catering wishes, etc. in order to put together a basic service proposal and estimate the cost of your wedding. You’ll need to know about the planner’s experience, basic event rates, availability, etc. Please note that, unless you have a ‘sky is the limit’ budget, a cost estimate is virtually impossible if information, numbers and details are not shared from the start. But more on that later…

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