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Yay, you’re getting married – in Italy!

But now your brain is filling with all kinds of questions: Who will we invite? How do we go about choosing a venue and wedding suppliers? What’s more, how do we hire quality suppliers that fit into our budget? Hey, maybe you should hire a wedding planner. SposiamoVi understands your concerns, and we’re here to lend a hand. We have put together a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ), to answer your burning queries. Help you discover whether SposiamoVi is the right wedding planner for you. Don’t see your question in the FAQs? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Q. What kind of experience do you have in organising weddings for foreign couples in Italy?

A. SposiamoVi planners and coordinators are experts when it comes to destination weddings in Italy for foreign couples. We have been orchestrating weddings in Italy for Italian and non-Italian couples since 2006, over 300 successful and beautiful weddings!

Furthermore, our staff is fluent in Italian, English and German.

We have well established relationships with all the regional consulates and religious authorities. Although we are specialised in planning Jewish, Civil, Symbolic and Catholic weddings, we have also planned many Hindu, Protestant and Interfaith weddings all throughout Italy.

Q. What does a typical wedding day look like for the SposiamoVi team?

A. Depending on the wedding size, a minimum of 2 coordinators will be on site.

With our bridal concierge service*, a bridal assistant will be near the bride at all times on her wedding day, from getting ready to the reception. This assistant will ensure that the bride has everything she needs, that the preparations are coordinated and that the wedding party is kept on schedule.

*Our bridal concierge service, included in our consultation fee, offers the presence of one bridal assistant from the very start of the wedding day preparations (i.e. when the bride and groom get ready in their hotel rooms) to give extra peace of mind. This assistant coordinates the hair and makeup team, the photographers and videographers, helps bride and bridesmaids get dressed, delivers bouquets and boutonnieres, pins on any corsages, takes care of last minute issues and services (steaming service, repair services, etc.), coordinates transport for the bride, groom and wedding party and ensures that everybody is on time and looking their best.
The SposiamoVi coordinators arrive early to check that the vendors are meeting their delivery promises, agreed during the planning, and then review any last minute changes. We check that the venues are clean and correctly set up, that the ceremony location is properly laid out and that tables are set up. We also review the flowers and materials used, test music volumes and lighting systems and make sure that the vendors are working within the estimated time frame (and are properly dressed).
During the wedding:

We are the first to arrive and the last to leave. One of our coordinators is always present at the ceremony venue, while the other is at reception venue. We coordinate transport for the guests and bridal party, oversee vendors and logistics, keep the scheduled events on time and solve any last minute hiccups. If needed, we coordinate shuttles for guests when the party ends and remain at the venue until the very last guest leaves.
After the wedding:

We collect any personal belongings that have been left behind and ensure that the wedding gifts are safely delivered to the bride and groom’s hotel room. We also liaise with local offices to register the wedding, and courier copies of the wedding certificate to the home address of the newlyweds.

Q. How many weddings do you plan in a year? And will you be able to give us the time we deserve?

A. A SposiamoVi coordinator focuses on maximum one wedding per week. This way, we ensure that our clients have our full attention throughout their wedding experience. On average a wedding coordinator plans and executes approximately 10 to 12 weddings per year.
During the week of your wedding, your SposiamoVi coordinator will be completely concentrated on you and your guests. On providing full time assistance wherever and whenever you need it. It’s because of this dedication to quality wedding and party services that we choose to plan a limited number of weddings per year.

Q. Do you execute multiple weddings each weekend?

A. The week before a wedding is vital to its success. A SposiamoVi coordinator will take on only one wedding per week, and therefore only one wedding per weekend. The coordinator will be at your pre-wedding meeting, rehearsal and any planned events around the wedding. This person will be totally focused on everything having to do with your celebrations and stay.

Q. Is your company a boutique style planning agency or a mill?

A. We are a boutique style planning agency. The main coordinator is the one who will be present on your wedding day. That person will attend all your meetings and will personally answer your email and telephone calls. Your dedicated coordinator will be with you every step of the way. Although other members of the SposiamoVi team will be on top of all aspects of your wedding to assist where needed, your main coordinator will be present before, during and after your wedding.

Q. In which activities are you directly involved leading up to and during the wedding?

A. It’s our job to guide you and your fiancé through every step of the process, without completely taking over. Here’s how we do it:
• First, we discuss your vision and style.
• Next, we will help you determine your priorities so that a realistic budget can be set. This will help in selecting individual services and the most suitable service vendors; those who embrace your vision, style and budget.
• Finally, we discuss how to manage all your vendor communication and payments.
We have well-established relationships with many professional wedding vendors, all tested and guaranteed. That’s how we are able to make recommendations for caterers, florists, musicians, hotels, photographers/videographers, cosmetologists and other service suppliers you may need. Suppliers that best match your search criteriA.

Q. Do you provide a preliminary work plan and schedule for our wedding?

A. Together, we create a personalised planning calendar for your wedding. This calendar is based on your specifically chosen events and individual needs, and is located in your personal file. Each service and task is assigned to a specific person with a specific action date. Then it’s easy and straightforward to see who will do what and when. Your file also includes a constantly updated budget, payment schedule and schedule of events.
There are different schedules that we work on and update regularly:
• Overall planning schedule with details of services, tasks, appointments and the calendar.
• Wedding day schedule that includes the accurate details of supplier tasks on your wedding day and their contact details, which will be shared with you about one month before the event.
• A summary sheet for you with the details of the planned wedding festivities before, during and after: where you need to be, with whom and at what time.
We will guide you from the very start and give you frequent updates. SposiamoVi is very serious about making the entire wedding process as stress free for you as possible.

Q. How many times will we meet in person before the wedding? Can you still plan our wedding if we don’t have the opportunity to visit before our wedding week?

A. We offer various packages (please see service page) to accommodate couples who can make pre-visits as well as couples who cannot make it to Italy until the week of their wedding.
Let’s begin with the full wedding consultation.
Your coordinator will meet with you during your first visit to get to know you and show you potential wedding venues. Visiting the venues gives your coordinator the chance to offer you their firsthand experience and  dvice. You get a clear idea of how the flow of your event could be, the pros and cons of each venue and the possibilities before deciding which venue is perfect for your wedding.
The second meeting is usually planned a few months before the wedding. At this time you sample food, do makeup and hair trials, see flower designs and meet with vendors (photographer, videographer, musicians). This ensures that you have the services in place that were previously discussed via email and a good grasp of the details.
Our final meeting will take place upon your arrival, before your Big Day. We will go through your rehearsal, the flow of the wedding day, recap the services and share the programme of events. We can check that you and your wedding party know what to do, where to be and when you all have to be there.
Of course, you don’t have to make pre-wedding visits to Italy. We have successfully planned weddings for couples who didn’t have the possibility or time to fly over before their wedding day. If you have no chance to visit before your wedding we can deal with that by making use of modern technology (Skype) and frequent updates.

Q. What part of the planning are we responsible for? How much does the coordinator carry out on our behalf vs. what we have to do for ourselves?

A. Most of the friction between clients and vendors is caused by a lack of communication. When one party feels that the other isn’t doing what they thought they were going to do. We always ensure that the division of tasks is crystal clear between you and your coordinator from the very beginning! Who is responsible for what, what the coordinator will be doing for you, what you will be taking care of yourself and what the expectations are for both parties. This is all discussed and noted down before you sign a planning contract

Q. Is the coordinator there from beginning to end on the wedding day?

A. Absolutely! We don’t work with an hourly contract, we are there all day: from set up and preparations right on up to when the last guest has left the venue.
Your coordinator will be there from the very beginning to the very end of your wedding day. Anything can happen at any point during the day, so it’s extremely important that your wedding coordinator is there for you. To handle any unexpected issues and help you avoid stress, putting you at ease by knowing that they are there handling every single detail.

Q. How is your fee charged and how do you estimate the costs?

A. Our fees are based on event complexity, the amount of linked events to plan and coordinate, the number of people, the location and the kinds of services required.
We have a very good reputation as being one of the best venues and local suppliers throughout Italy. We offer the service of two wedding planners and dedicate one person to the concierge service for you and your guests before, during and after your wedding festivities. We also guarantee availability on evenings and weekends if necessary and are in touch with our clients by email, telephone and Skype.
Our service also includes all necessary inspections and venue walk-throughs with suppliers and, when possible, with you in order to guarantee optimum event organisation. We leave nothing to chance. We are extremely organised and provide you with regular wedding reports and an updated budget to keep you on track.
Finally, our coordination service on the day includes the presence of our staff from morning set up until the end of the event.
We can make an offer for the planning and coordination of your wedding after we have had a telephone or Skype chat with you, to better understand your needs.

Q. How do you handle the unexpected? Are you prepared for any situation?

A. Our coordinators are experienced and have a minimum of 3 years planning and coordination expertise. We have handled, and are prepared to handle, both client and vendor emergencies.
For example: a couple had requested to play their favourite song from Bocelli for the bride’s entrance. We practised the entrance the day before the wedding and everything was working well. However, on the day of the wedding the church P/A system wasn’t working. No worries. An hour before the wedding we were able to print out the sheet music for the couple’s requested entrance song and organise a live string quartet. The musicians executed it beautifully and it was a total success. The bride and groom were not only grateful that their special song could be played, but also because it turned out to be even better than the recorded piece!

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