Tuscan Grace embodies the spirit of Tuscany wrapped beautifully into one unforgettable event. SposiamoVi worked with a brilliant team of talented partners to bring this nature-inspired wedding to life for Londoners Lindsay and Ryan. Held at Castello Vicarello in a remote, seductive heaven in the southern Italian Tuscan countryside, this one-of-a-kind wedding was natural, intimate, and highly personalized to the bride and groom’s tastes.


Our highlight: among many other beautiful features, the votive candles placed on the lawn have become a fashion trend since this event.


Venue: Castello Vicarello

Styling + design: Joy Thigpen

Photography: Jose Villa


We are proud to share that this wedding was featured on OnceWed, one of the most influential blogs in our industry, showcasing the most beautiful organic-inspired weddings.