The essence of rustic Italy

Bringing together a bride and groom with a passion for organic food, wine, and surroundings called for diligent consideration of setting. For that reason, the prestigious Conti di San Bonifacio set the scene for the wedding of Tammy and Whey on a delightfully cloud-covered day in Tuscany. From the delicate, pastel-laden flowers to the use of brushed wooden crates, all elements incorporated spoke to the rustic charm Tammy and Whey desired. While the sun painted the sky various shades of pink over the Tuscan Hills, guests dined on a carefully-selected, Tuscan-inspired menu of organic food and wine, then danced under lights and lanterns strung throughout the trees.

O​ur highlights: ​to inspire the natural, country feel the bride and groom sought, we set the ceremony with chic white pews and chose long, family dining tables incorporating the rustic Tuscan style.

Venue:<​/b> C​onti di San Bonifacio
Florals: L​a Rosa Canina
Photography: L​elia Scarfiotti
Cinematography: ​M​atteo Castelluccia