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Benvenuti sul blog

Benvenuti sul blog SposiamoVi, completamente dedicato ai matrimoni più eleganti, divertenti e stilosi lungo lo stivale! Pensato e creato per le coppie in cerca d'ispirazione!

Gabriella e Piero

posted in: at 11:49, mercoledì 22nd gennaio

Wedding in Ravello

We would like to thank SposiamoVi and in particular our personal wedding planner

and friend Valentina di Tinco from the bottom of our hearts.

They gave birth to our dream, a dream made of pure love, romanticism, emotions.

We were taken hand in hand, like a child from his mother,

through all the steps needed to prepare the most memorable event of our life.

They carefully listened to all our desires and suggested the best way to realize them.

We did not had the minimum stress

and everything ran out smoothly until the day of the wedding…

The Wedding!! We have not enough words to describe that wonderful day.

Our relatives and friends after one month from that day are still describing it

as the best wedding they have ever been.

We have just one regret…it was too short!

So if you are planning to ask help to sposiamoVi,

you should plan a 2-3 days event, because you will never want to leave that dream :)


Photo courtesy of Fotografia Sellitti

Lelia e Devin

posted in: at 4:36, mercoledì 1st gennaio

Wedding in Amalfi

Dear Valentina,

Devin and I wanted to just say thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

We were so blessed to have shared our wedding with you.

We could not have imagined a more beautiful place and most of all such wonderful people.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you.

We hope someday to return in person to see you and thank you.

I can’t wait to post some pics of our wedding on the Facebook SposiamoVi page,

to show how beautiful, youthful, and unique everything turned out thanks to you and Alessandra

We are still in awe of the gorgeous table centerpieces,

bellini bar, menu bags, candles and my lemon wish tree!

Loved all the vibrant colors displayed.

Most of all, the entire experience we were able to share with our friends and family is priceless.

This month has gone by too quickly and our trip is coming to an end in a couple of days :(

My heart will always be in Italia.

Sending you a big hug,



Photo courtesy of Alfonso Longobardi

Daniela e Daniel

posted in: at 1:08, martedì 17th dicembre

Wedding in Perugia

The whole Wedding weekend was absolutely fantastic.

We were all so well looked after by yourselves and Francesco.

Our guests were really impressed with what had been organized

and by the beauty of the castle and Perugia


Photo courtesy of Mauro Mancioppi