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Benvenuti sul blog

Benvenuti sul blog SposiamoVi, completamente dedicato ai matrimoni più eleganti, divertenti e stilosi lungo lo stivale! Pensato e creato per le coppie in cerca d'ispirazione!

Nadia and Licoln

posted in: at 5:06, martedì 26th luglio

Vignamaggio Wedding

Hi Silvia, 

Sorry for my delay in writing back to your e-mail however I wanted to sit down and write to you now that we are finally home from our honeymoon. 

We had an amazing time on our honeymoon thanks, we were both on a huge high from the wedding day as well as spending a wonderful holiday with our daughter and as a (real) family! 

Now that we are back to reality and getting over jet lag I’ve had a bit more time to go through the photos and choose a few of my favourites.
We have so many favourites of us however these are just a few of the church and venue (and a few of us).

I think ALL the colours worked so well together and we certainly had the most amazing team of people working on our wedding. 

Tommaso is AMAZING and exceeded our expectations! The final arrangements were everything we had dreamed and more! All the colours and the different mixes of flowers were unbelievable. The Candlesticks were exactly how I had imagined. I’m so glad the weather worked in our favour. All the guests couldn’t believe how amazing it looked, some even saying it looked like it was straight out of vogue magazine ;)  He is truly talented and a truly lovely soul! If you could please send me his postal address as I wold like to send his gift to him. 

Lelia was so lovely. She made us feel very comfortable and captured our day perfectly. All the pictures captured every emotion and there were plenty! Also the beauty of the venues!!! She managed to get us our wedding photos to us whilst we were on our honeymoon so this was nice to look over them and reminisce!! 

Matteo was lovely as well. He had a lovely sense of humour and made us feel so comfortable also. I can’t wait to see the final video!

Lara was amazing!! I felt like she was in instant friend, she really was so wonderful! I only wish I could spend more time with her!! She was so easy going and so friendly! I loved the way she did my make up and my family also commented that they loved there make up as well. 

The music a the church, the trio and the DJ were spot on! I’m glad we created a playlist to give them however the DJ that was chosen for us was FANTASTIC!!! Apart from the one christmas carol that played over dinner haha The music was exactly what we were looking for and had mostly everyone on the dance floor and in the cellar till early hours in the morning! Given this was one of my biggest worries I’m glad this worked out in the end!! I must thank Alberto and his team for being so professional, thorough and easy to deal with. 

Vignamaggio as a venue and accommodation exceeded our expectation!! The staff were lovely and the sheer beauty of the venue took our breath away! It was the perfect retreat for all the guests, everyone commented about how beautiful it was and how good a choice it was. The food at the restaurant and on the wedding night was absolutely PERFECT! I can’t believe we had such success without even trying the menu! EVERYONE enjoyed their meals and commented on how great the food was that night. The wine PERFECT!!! We can’t wait to go back to VM and celebrate our wedding anniversaries there again!

Oratorio della Madona della Neve – I am still speechless as to how perfect the church was! The owner was SO beautiful and I can’t thank her enough for opening up her church to us! It was a little gem in the heart of Tuscany! It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small and everybody commented about the church and how fabulous it was. Please make sure to pass on our gratitude again. 

The celebrant was also fantastic. Our guests commented at how good he was and that they really liked listening to him throughout the ceremony. He was the perfect choice to marry us and I’m thankful to you for putting him forward. 

Ristoro Di Lamole as a pre wedding venue was perfect!!! It was definitely an interesting drive up there but the beauty and the view from the top was well worth it! The food was unbelievable and the sunset was STUNNING!! It was the perfect relaxing start to the wedding. Thank you for the perfect suggestion. The guests all commented at how wonderful the food and view was and really set the mood for them for a great three days. 

AND last but not least THANK YOU to you!!!! and all your team again for all the work you put in to make our day truly amazing! Like I said on the day it wont be the same not e-mailing you everyday ;) I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the last year and thank you for all your advice and patience throughout this process! You have been a wonderful wedding planner and I’m glad we chose you and SposiamoVi to look after our wedding. I would highly recommended you to anybody I know that may get married in Italy!!! We can honestly now say it was the best day of our lives! 

Thank you Silvia and hope to hear from you soon :) 

Lincoln and Nadia Gibellini :) xx

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J and Eugene

posted in: at 5:14, lunedì 9th maggio

WEDDING Castello Vicarello, Tuscany

Hi Sara,
It is lovely to hear back from you and your emails reminds me warmly of the period before the wedding that we were planning for our wedding. It is crazy to think that it’s done and dusted and it was truly the most amazing experience of our lives, it would never has been achieved without your support. By the way, is there anywhere that we could leave some comments and reviews?
Again, of course the most beautiful day of our lives would never have been as smooth as it was if it was not for the help and support of you and your company! For that we will always be grateful!
We want to thank you again for being part of and helping to make happened the best yet strangest day in our lives. We know how much stress we and the weather had put you through but we very much appreciated your help!!
Will you be visiting Asia in the near future? Please let us know when you come to HK and we will dedicate our time to be your local guides!
I hope all is well in Italy and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Take great care!

Location: Castello Vicarello, Tuscany
Photographer: Ed Peers
Videographer: Matteo Castelluccia
Florals: La Rosa Canina

Ana e Rik

posted in: at 10:50, venerdì 25th marzo

Blessing in the gardens of Villa Catignano

Ciao Francesca!

Siamo a Pavia, a casa dei suoceri, a risposarci e festeggiare il primo compleanno di Leonardo prima di ripartire per Zurigo.

Volevamo cogliere l’occasione per ringraziarti per tutto il lavoro che hai fatto, e anche ringraziare le altre ragazze del team che ci hanno aiutato! È stato tutto fantastico, direi che meglio di così non potevamo chiedere.

Vi ho già raccomandato ad una coppia d’amici che si vogliono sposare l’anno prossimo…!

Buona serata,

Photography: Jules Bower
Location: Villa Catignano – Siena
Make up and Hair: Andrea Gennaro
Florals: Stiatti Fiori
Catering: Galateo Ricevimenti