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Let’s talk gold and white! These two colours come in a variety of hues and can be put together in a number of ways for any kind of wedding. Chic ivory and gold invitations, intricate golden masks, the perfect gold coloured chairs, even golden flatware – SposiamoVi has got you covered! Wedding colours of gold and white typically capture the hearts and minds of sophisticated couples getting married in Italy.

Photo Sandro Ariu – David Bastianoni for SposiamoVi

Gold bridesmaids detailsclassic gold white wedding italy

Photo Morlotti Studio – David Bastianoni for SposiamoVi

Here’s why… Gold and white colours pick up on Italian architecture, scenery and lighting in a natural and symbiotic way. This is a colour combination that really brings out fine details, adds instantly to the mystery and drama. From the amazing Italian baroque churches to the ancient frescoed chapels. And in the finest indoor/outdoor venues like Villa Cora, for example, in ever-enchanting Florence. Villa Cora Wedding Florence

Photo David Bastianoni

Whether it’s in accents or full on colour blasts. Flashes of gold in the bridal party’s gowns and in the vests of the groomsmen. Gold and ivory ribbons intertwined in the bouquets and boutonnieres, and tying back the guests’ chairs. Lacy ivory or solid gold coloured tablecloths laid with ivory linens and tall candelabras that sprout various shades of white and gold flowers. Accents of gold in the fine ivory coloured china and etched into the glass wear. Even wedding cakes decorated with edible gold leaf!

gold white wedding palette

Photo Preston Bailey – Jana Williams for SposiamoVi 

Take a look at our Instagram page and you’ll see what we mean. At SposiamoVi we can fit gold and white colour schemes into any style,into any venue. From sumptuous and glitzy weddings to elegant vintage affairs. And from modern day occasions to affluent country garden events. theater wedding italy

Photo Amy Turner – Morlotti Studio – Julian Kanz  for SposiamoVi

Or follow us on Pinterest. Get an eye-full of excellent, organised ideas, tips and the latest wedding trends. You’ll find gold and white colour schemes here and there. For the bride, the groom, bridal party, groomsmen, table settings and more. Come take a look! Dreaming of getting married in Italy, with an elegant gold and white colour palette? It can happen, and SposiamoVi can help to make it come alive! Contact us today to find out more.

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