Valentina Di Tinco

valentinaI’m a SposiamoVi wedding planner, taking care of weddings in the southern region of Italy. Being cheerful, welcoming and passionate – especially about Amalfi, Capri and Puglia – comes naturally to me. Maybe it’s just something in my southern Italian blood ;-)

Before SposiamoVi, I worked for a company by renting villas in southern Italy. This work helped me to sharpen my planning skills and determination, and develop a keen eye for venue scouting and event logistics management. I came to know some of the best vendors and some of the most luxurious rental properties in southern Italy during this time.

I just love helping couples and their guests experience ‘my Italy’ in an authentic way! It’s true, the Amalfi coast can get crowded; however, I always manage to find the most off-the-beaten-track venues and original experiences to enrich each client’s wedding and travel adventures.

Now, this is where my professional and private lives collide in a most pleasant way: couples (foodies in particular) that want a true Italian taste experience are my absolute favourite clients. I have accumulated a surprisingly vast knowledge about some of the best restaurants in southern Italy. And I’m not shy about sharing that information!

After reading that I’m a fellow foodie, it’s no wonder to read that I adore cooking. And when I’m not in the kitchen, preparing some amazing dishes, you’ll find me curled up with a good book or at the cinema. I also get a kick out of discussing the ups and downs of politics, and am always ready to travel to fascinating or relaxing places.