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Benvenuti sul blog

Benvenuti sul blog SposiamoVi, completamente dedicato ai matrimoni più eleganti, divertenti e stilosi lungo lo stivale! Pensato e creato per le coppie in cerca d'ispirazione!

(English) Gold & White Color Palette

posted in: Decor and Inspiration at 10:00, lunedì 2nd giugno

Let’s talk gold and white! These two colours come in a variety of hues and can be put together in a number of ways for any kind of wedding. Chic ivory and gold invitations, intricate golden masks, the perfect gold coloured chairs, even golden flatware – SposiamoVi has got you covered! Wedding colours of gold and white typically capture the hearts and minds of sophisticated couples getting married in Italy.

Photo Sandro Ariu – David Bastianoni for SposiamoVi

Gold bridesmaids details

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(English) Great Gatsby Style in Venice

posted in: Decor and Inspiration, Real Weddings at 10:08, mercoledì 4th settembre

Il matrimonio di Sally and Nigel è lo specchio delle loro forti personalità. Ho conosciuto Sally via email, apprezzando la sua gentilezza e cortesia, ma dopo il nostro primo incontro è stato subito chiaro che sarebbe stato un vero piacere realizzare il loro matrimonio a Venezia.

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10 Features for a true Italian Wedding

posted in: Make it Italian! at 3:37, mercoledì 17th luglio

An authentic Italian wedding. What exactly does that entail? Choosing the region in which you want to exchange your vows is only part of it. True, it’s one of the most fun parts, but some other decisions also need to be made: will it be a large or small affair, what kind of food and drink should be served, will you have music or entertainment. Lucky for you SposiamoVi is on board! 

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