With an excellent planner by your side

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At SposiamoVi, we’re always excited to hear from our couples that they enjoyed their Italian wedding. That it was even better than they had imagined. That they couldn’t have pulled it off without their SposiamoVi wedding planner. We’re blushing now just remembering the instances!

But, just imagine what some wedding experiences would be like without a good wedding planner by your side. We shudder to think of you being left to solve last minute issues on your wedding day.

Here are just a few scenarios that you could avoid by hiring an excellent wedding planner to support you and your partner throughout your wedding experience.

An inconvenient turn-out
No planner
All the guest RSVPs are in, and a total headcount has been given to the hotel caterer. However, 24 hours before the wedding, ten people change their minds and decide to come. The hotel venue is already packed with tables with assigned-seating. The bride, future mothers-in-law and hotel event coordinator struggle to work out who will sit where, while the groom tries to soothe ego clashes.

With a planner
The bride contacts the planner 24 hours before the wedding that ten people have decided to come after all. The planner comes to the bride with the seating chart, asks her whether there are any conflicting personalities to watch out for before (re)assigning seats, then meets with the hotel event coordinator to re-plan the seating and table arrangements. The bride and groom go to their rehearsal and dinner with a sigh of relief that all is well.

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