Hello Stephanie,
I have to tell you that when I decided to renew my wedding vows in Italy after being with my husband for 26 years, and as a New Yorker where you are bought up not to trust unless you have reviewed consumer rating of any business as well as what other people’s experiences was a difficult decision. After doing my search, comparison to other wedding planners on the web, called several companies, viewing their site as well as what people had to say on “facebook” the network super highway and even looking at “TripAdvisory”, with all of the information, I decided to make SposiamoVi my wedding planners, NO REGRETS!

My Wedding Planner for our Rome Wedding was Stefania Zen, and she was excellent!. She had always kept me abreast of things, and when there was an issue with the internet communication, she would always keep me calm and assure me that all will be well. Remember, Europe is not like America, where you want updates immediately, in Rome you will find it a little bit like “don’t worry, things will be fine”, and they were.

To do a destination wedding you would have to be prepared to let go of some control, which again was something hard for me to do. A little background my husband had been deployed in the Middle East for almost a year and was lucky enough that they let him take leave in January, so we both met in Rome to get married again and it was so very romantic. It turned out beautiful and Stefania, once again was wonderful.

The day of the wedding, anything that was needed Stefania took care of it immediately, the hairdresser and photographer was on time, the car was downstairs waiting, my flowers were magnificant, the day was gorgeous, every single thing was perfect. When we arrived it was a magical experience, one that we will never forget. I can honestly say, we have never had a more perfect day in our lives.

Hope this helps you in your decision. I have added just a couple of pictures of our day, the photographer Alessandro was great, the second picture is of me and Stefania thanking her for making my dream come true.

Best wishes to you and your fiance!


Photo courtesy of Zingone Reportage

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