Wedding in Amalfi

Serena and Valentina (SposiamoVi, Amalfi) was our wedding planners when we got married in Amalfi, Italy, last summer. They were extremely friendly, helpful and flexible when planning the whole event, considering our needs when bringing 60 Norwegian people to Italy. The Saracen tower in Amalifi is just stunning, and our guests were blown away by all the decorations and hard work done by our planners. The food was 22 courses, typical Italian, and fantastic. Wine was wonderful, and they even managed to have enough wine for 60 thirsty Norwegians. (Good job). In total, they did a wonderful job, and we would give them the best recommendations. They did a wonderful job and our day was just perfect!! Thank you Serena and Valentina :-)
Best regards Ole and Ingrid, (Oslo, Norway)

Photo courtesy of Umberto Maddalo

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