28th May 2010
Wedding in Florence

When we first started talking about planning our wedding my husband was against finding someone to help. He thought we could avoid the expense by doing it ourselves. Since we were trying to organize the wedding from a thousand miles away and had busy work schedules, I convinced him we needed help and we were referred to Silvia. We now both agree that this was the best decision we made. We attribute the fact that the wedding was even better than we had ever hoped and went off without a single hitch to Silvia.

Silvia did all the things you might expect of a “wedding planner.” She introduced us to all the best vendors, kept our schedule and budget on track and made a million useful suggestions about accommodations, decorations, music, and all the other things you don’t know about when you start planning your wedding. But what impressed us most was that Silvia went above and beyond in ways that continually surprised us. There were times when her generosity and willingness to make things easier for us brought tears to my eyes. She helped our friends and families in ways that fell way outside her job description. Moreover, it was my husband who pointed out that we ended up saving money by hiring Silvia as she never failed to find ways to call in favours, negotiate with vendors or find less expensive ways of doing things.

Planning the wedding with Silvia was a real labour of love. She sent friendly reminders when deposits or decisions were due. On the day of the wedding we didn’t have to think about a thing. Silvia took care of every detail and we were left to have the time of our lives. The first person my husband thanked in his speech was Silvia. Not only had she given us the most stunning and relaxed wedding ever, she had become one of our close friends and we were so honoured to have shared the day and the entire experience with her.

Your wedding in Italy: an emotional journey!

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