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Myself and my husband Jon would highly recommend Silvia, particularly for a Jewish wedding in Florence. We had 300 people come over from all over the world, which was a number most Italian wedding planners are very unfamiliar with, and Silvia handled it with excellent organization and offered us fantastic options for every element of our wedding.

We understand that getting married somewhere like Italy is not the same as in Israel or even in London as there are many things (such as the fact that in most Jewish weddings, the periods for dancing are interspersed with the meal and so on) that require some knowledge and experience in order to be able to really be in control of the whole weekend. From the catering to the venue and the communication with the synagogue (who can be quite difficult to get hold of), we simply could not have done without Silvia.

We had a Friday Night (henna) party in the centre of Florence, we invited our guests to the synagogue for the shabbat service on the Saturday which was followed by a lunch for 200 of our guests in the synagogue hall, and the main ceremony and party were of course on the Sunday (the ceremony was in the synagogue and then the guests were taken by coach to the villa where we had the party).

There are many things to consider with a destination wedding, such as the logistics of how to get the guests from one place to another, how to get them all home at the end of the evening (as in Florence your guests will probably need to be spread out over a few hotels as there are not really any big hotels that can take a lot of people at once). Silvia managed all these aspects phenomenally and everything worked like clockwork the whole weekend. I do believe that by working with us over the past year (through several meetings and lots of Skype calls!) Silvia is best placed to handle any wedding in Florence, especially a jewish wedding (with all their crazy attributes!)

I could not recommend her more highly, all her suggestions were spot on and, 3 weeks on, all our guests are still telling us that it was the most incredible wedding they had ever attended, which, if you are familiar with the type of caliber that central London large weddings carry, is a massive compliment.

… in summary I can say that you will be in the best hands with Silvia – if she can handle our huge crazy wedding with such class and skill she can most certainly handle absolutely anything beautifully. I just wish she could come here and open a London division!!!

Photo curtesy of Edoardo Agresti

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