Portofino Wedding

Hi Cinzia,

So, my dear, I have to tell you that you pulled off the BEST wedding any of my guests have ever been to. Actually, it would be the best pre-party, boat ride, & wedding all wrapped into one. People are going to be talking about this one forever! I couldn’t be happier (other than I am back home & at work right now)!! We plan on having another party here at home & have a video of our photos playing. People will be able to see, but unless you were there, it is hard to explain the feeling!

Sandro texted Ben yesterday, but he wasn’t able to text him back, so would you mind telling Sandro that we love his photos, that they are beautiful & we are very pleased. And it was so nice that we were able to receive the disk before we went home. He also went the extra mile & printed a wonderful photo of ben & i, which we love too.

Keep in touch.


Photo courtesy Sandro Ariu

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