Portofino Wedding – 19th July 2014

Dear Alice and Amanda,

Thank you so much for all your wonderful work on our wedding. We are so glad that we chose to have our wedding in such a special location with such a talented team as yourselves to help us.

From the beginning we knew that you were both very reliable and efficient which was very reassuring. However, what makes you such a special team is your ability to create very unique and beautiful weddings.
Obviously you are blessed to be situated in a stunning location but you take it to another level with your ideas for decorations, food and music.

We really enjoyed our wedding and we were very happy with the end results.
Your suggestion of the boat trip really made the day unique for our guests. It was also our favorite part of the day as it allowed us to enjoy a few special moments together to absorb everything.

Villa Durazzo looked beautiful and the cake was much more incredible than we could have ever imagined. We just wish it hadn’t all gone so quickly.

We thank you for all your hard work, flexibility and time you put towards our wedding. We really appreciate it.

We look forward to spending a lot more time in Santa Margherita and Portofino reminiscing on such a wonderful day.

Thank you again.
Best wishes,
Oliver & Rebecca

Photo courtesy of Independent Pictures

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