(English) Your first consultation with SposiamoVi

Our vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction.

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(English) Your first consultation with SposiamoVi

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How to choose a wedding planner

Okay, so you’ve said ‘I do!’ and you’re going to be Mr. and Mrs. in a year’s time (or less). That’s fabulous! If one of your first steps is to hire a wedding planner, we have some vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction.


After you’ve researched potential wedding planners and narrowed down your list to, say, three, it’s important to make contact and conduct a question/answer session. The planner will need to know things like guest headcount, potential location desires, catering wishes, etc. in order to put together a basic service proposal and estimate the cost of your wedding. You’ll need to know about the planner’s experience, basic event rates, availability, etc.

Please note that, unless you have a ‘sky is the limit’ budget, a cost estimate is virtually impossible if information, numbers and details are not shared from the start. But more on that later…

At SposiamoVi our first consultation usually happens via Skype or telephone conversation. we have some very basic questions that we ask our potential clients, and which they should be ready to answer:

1) Where?

2) When?

3) How many guests?

4) How large is your budget?

5) Anything you can’t do without?

And we understand that you have questions too. The first consultation is absolutely free of charge, so we encourage you to make the most of it!

Where do you want to get married?

Only know that you want to get married in Italy? That’s fine. We have a broad knowledge of Italy and its most beautiful destinations. During our conversation, we can help guide you to the most perfect venues and areas that make sense for you, your family and your friends. Some things that can help us narrow down the search: Any favourite areas which hold emotional value for you and/or your partner? Would you prefer to have your wedding on a sailing vessel, on the coast or in the countryside? Should the location(s) be in the thick of the city or off the beaten path?

When are you getting married?

Summer 2015 is a starting point, but we would like you to give at least two potential wedding dates; exact dates that can be identified clearly on a calendar.

Without specific dates to start from we can’t tell you whether we are available to work with you, much less work up the estimated costs, research venue/catering possibilities, and so on.

Something to consider: a low season wedding is less expensive than a wedding in the high season, and a weekend wedding is more expensive than on a weekday. Additionally, in terms of hotel/travel costs, these considerations could make a great difference when enticing your guests to attend.

What does your guest list look like?

The size of the guest list will impact your choice of the venue as well as the overall budget.

We suggest that you first speak to your family and friends, so that you can create a list of actual attendees. This helps everyone to be on the same page and minimise those unexpected and dreaded last-minute additions during the planning.

If this is not discussed in advance, inflated headcounts can easily double the budget.

How about your budget?

We’re all brought up to know that discussing the price of (most) things is tactless. However, this social rule does not apply to hiring a wedding planner. We will ask you frankly about your budget from the very start, and it’s vital to know this information so that we can get things started in the right direction.

At SposiamoVi we make it a point to provide you with realistic quotes. If you have a strict budget that we simply cannot accommodate, we will let you know immediately so that you can look for other options. Some of our more budget-minded couples will review our initial quote and decide to work with us anyway; others opt to choose from our list of individual, on-the-day services; still other couples choose for hotel receptions with on site planners, mill companies or tour operators.

Keep in mind that our first estimate will not be exact. Alterations to the concept budget come down to adjusting the guest list, having more than one venue involved or adding more services. Through it all, we go out of our way to keep a running realistic concept budget and (re)calculation of our fee, which is also based on the size of the event.

What can you absolutely not do without?

You probably already have a list of the things that you really can’t do without on your wedding day.

For example, if you need a kosher catering service we want to make sure that we propose trusted caterers; if you have a guest who needs medical assistance we will give that person more personal attention; if you want sheer exclusivity we will only review private properties that are closed to the general public.

Knowing your can’t-do-withouts is useful to us, helps us to even better estimate how much your dream wedding could cost.

As a final word of caution, please be wary of planners that are willing to take on your wedding without knowing anything about you, your budget or your wishes. They typically will not be able to keep your wedding on budget, get the kind of vendors or location you want or keep your wedding on track, leading to less than perfect results and inflated costs. This behaviour is usually the mark of an inexperienced or careless wedding planner. Sure, your special day will be memorable… but for all the wrong reasons.

SposiamoVi could help you make your wedding day a special, positive experience. One that will resonate in your memory forever.

Do you have the basic answers to the questions above? While you’re at it, have you reviewed our FAQ page and put together a list of your own burning questions?

Well then, it’s time to contact us so that we can discuss your wedding and your every wedding wish; down to the last detail.

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