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At SposiamoVi, we’re always excited to hear from our couples that they enjoyed their Italian wedding. That it was even better than they had imagined. That they couldn’t have pulled it off without their SposiamoVi wedding planner. We’re blushing now just remembering the instances!

But, just imagine what some wedding experiences would be like without a good wedding planner by your side. We shudder to think of you being left to solve last minute issues on your wedding day.

Here are just a few scenarios that you could avoid by hiring an excellent wedding planner to support you and your partner throughout your wedding experience.

An inconvenient turn-out
No planner
All the guest RSVPs are in, and a total headcount has been given to the hotel caterer. However, 24 hours before the wedding, ten people change their minds and decide to come. The hotel venue is already packed with tables with assigned-seating. The bride, future mothers-in-law and hotel event coordinator struggle to work out who will sit where, while the groom tries to soothe ego clashes.

With a planner
The bride contacts the planner 24 hours before the wedding that ten people have decided to come after all. The planner comes to the bride with the seating chart, asks her whether there are any conflicting personalities to watch out for before (re)assigning seats, then meets with the hotel event coordinator to re-plan the seating and table arrangements. The bride and groom go to their rehearsal and dinner with a sigh of relief that all is well.

Trouble is blooming
No planner
After hours of waiting, the wedding florist finally arrives at the bride’s hotel room. The roses he brought for the bridal party’s hair pieces are not only the wrong colour, the petals are still closed up tight. The bouquet is uncreative and doesn’t even match the bride’s dress or theme. Later, while walking down the church aisle, she discovers that the floral display is all wrong; even a bit tacky.

With a planner
The planner calls the florist, a trusted collaborator, a few days before the wedding to make sure that the roses and accompanying flowers will be full, lush and the right colour for the big day. That the deliveries, bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere and church floral displays are all perfectly in line with the wishes outlined by the couple months before. The flowers are perfect on the day!

Photo by Julian Kanz

Ready but waiting
No planner
The groom is dressed and ready to leave his separate hotel room and meet you at the end of the aisle. But the groomsmen are nowhere to be found! Frantic, he tries to track down his buddies by phone. They finally arrive at his hotel room a mere 30 minutes before the ceremony is set to begin.

With a planner
The planner checks in on the bride, groom and their respective parties two hours before the ceremony. Seeing that the groom is still waiting on his groomsmen, the planner finds the men and sends them to go to the groom’s hotel room to get dressed. The men arrive quickly thereafter, get dressed and still have time to toast the groom in his final minutes as a ‘single guy’.

Photo by Edoardo Agresti

Houston, we have a problem
No planner
The bride, her father and the bridesmaids have all arrived for the ceremony. Only, a late guest has accidently stepped on the train of the maid of honour’s dress, tearing the fabric and making it hang awkwardly. Everybody scrambles for a solution and finally somebody produces a roll of duct tape and a stapler.

With a planner
The planner’s assistant contacts the planner with the news that the maid of honour’s train has been accidently torn. The planner gets from the back of the church to the front in record time (without anyone noticing), takes a needle and thread from her Planning Kit and quickly stitches up the tear. No one even notices the repair and the maid of honour looks great!

Photo by David Lichtag

Um, aren’t we meant to be dancing?
No planner
The bride and groom hired a friend of a friend to DJ their wedding reception. On the day, the DJ is late and doesn’t have the song the newlyweds want to dance to on their first dance as man and wife. He only plays one kind of music the entire night, music that no one in the room seems to like to dance to. The mood at the reception quickly goes limp and people start to leave early.

With a planner
The planner has a great listing of preferred DJs and bands for the bride and groom to choose from. On the day, the chosen DJ sets up early and double checks with the planner that the newlyweds are still dancing to this particular song for their first dance. He has a fun, eclectic mix of music on hand. He’s playful with the guests, encourages each one to make request and keeps the dance floor full the entire night. Everyone agrees that this is one of the best weddings they’ve ever attended.

Photo by Sandro Ariu

It’s true, the chances are extremely slim that all these scenarios will happen at your wedding, but why take chances? You and your groom can easily have a memorable and stress-free wedding – in Italy perhaps? – by hiring a competent and caring wedding planner. A planner that will turn your dreams into reality.

When you choose to get married in Italy, contact SposiamoVi and speak with one of our knowledgeable and thoughtful wedding planners. We’re here to give you and your partner the wedding experience of a lifetime!

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