10 Features for an authentic Italian Wedding

An authentic Italian wedding. What exactly does that entail?

We are here to ensure that you and your guests experience the elegance of an authentic Italian wedding. From the venue to the flowers to the transportation, and everything in between. Choosing the region in which you want to exchange your vows is only part of it.
True, it’s one of the most fun parts, but some other decisions also need to be made: will it be a large or small affair, what kind of food and drink should be served, will you have music or entertainment. Lucky for you SposiamoVi is on board!

1) The Venue 

Your wedding venue should reflect the two of you. Your journey together as a couple, and your continuing journey as a married couple. If you have visited our lovely country before, you might already have a special place in mind to say ‘I do’! If not, we can suggest many lovely locations throughout the country: historical buildings, lake villas, Italian gardens, terraces on the sea, Apulian Trulli and Masserie, mediaeval churches. We can even plan your wedding at sea on a large yacht. To date, our most requested venue remains the alfresco civil ceremony. Whether on the coast or more inland, our alfresco wedding venues never disappoint.

Photo courtesy Sandro Ariu

2) Gorgeously Styled Tables

During the Renaissance, wedding tables were laid with beautiful tablecloths, fine cutlery and crystal glasses. With carefully thought out and well styled banquet tables, you and your guests can almost recall the elegance of that Age.

We creatively style your tables with fresh flowers, gorgeous Italian tablecloths, silver cutlery, traditional Murano crystal glasses and delicate coordinating dishes. But we don’t stop there. To further please the senses, we can add well placed Mediterranean fruits and herbs like lemons or aromatic herbs. We can sprinkle fresh flower petals among the floral arrangements and add strategically placed candles.

Photo courtesy Julian Kanz

3) Italian Crafts

We passionately support the centuries-old Italian Craft tradition. Beautiful little hand-wrapped bomboniere boxes containing a small ‘thank you’ will please your guests to no end. Colorful pieces of Italian pottery or Venetian masks displayed on tables will excite the eye.

Invitations and thank you notes sent out on tasteful Amalfi stationary are sure to bring a warm smile. Even your banquet and reception lighting and flowers will be designed by fine Italian craftsmen. Can you see it yet?

Photo courtesy Hanna Baranava

4) Entertainment

Italian folk music is wildly romantic! Let us organise a mandolin trio or guitar and accordion players to serenade you and your guests with age-old folk music. To add that extra special feature to your authentic Italian wedding. If you and your fiancé are passionate about dance, we can hire charming instructors to come teach you and your guests the popular old-world dances of Italy, such as the lively Pizzica and the cheery Tarantella.

Photo courtesy Morlotti Studio

5) Transportation

Getting from point A to point B is always an essential wedding element. But the authentic Italian wedding includes transportation that is anything but ordinary! Arrive at your venue in a sassy Italian Apecar or maybe a timeless Fiat 500. Scoot off into the sunset as a newly married couple on a classic Vespa.
Will you tie the knot on one of our stunning Italian lakes or the Italian Rivera? Let us arrange a traditional Riva boat to bring you to your waiting fiancé and guests. For a Venetian wedding, we can arrange an elegant gondola to float you in an unhurried manner to the venue. After all, your groom needs his 25 minutes in the spotlight.

6) Italian Traditions

Tossing rice as the newly married couple come out of the church or leave the outdoor alter is very Italian. It symbolises fertility being showered on the couple. At the wedding reception, the traditional bride will toss her bouquet to the single women, and the groom will toss the bride’s garter to the single men. The guests who catch the bouquet and garter could be next in line to marry. Other Italian traditions include your guests pulling practical pranks on you and your new spouse. In some regions, the best man will cut the groom’s tie into little pieces, put those pieces onto a tray and sell them to the guests. What a fabulous (and funny to watch) tradition!

Photo courtesy Erin and Gabri

7) Cultural Italia

If anything, a classic authentic Italian wedding always has an enchanting cultural theme.
The theme is probably the very first thing we will discuss with you, and your wedding will be designed around it.

For instance, give your banquet tables cultural names: La Dolce Vita; Nuovo cinema paradise; Sabrina; Il Laureato; La Vita è bella; Il buono e il cattivo; Vacanze Romane; 1900; il Postino; 8 ½; Ladri di Biciclette. Title the various culinary dishes after well known Italian operas. Or let the Italian painters of old inspire your colour scheme, table designs and lighting displays.

Photo courtesy Sandro Ariu

8) Italian Food

Colourful. Plentiful. Properly aged. Internationally-inspired. Fresh. This is the authentic taste experience of Italy. Northern Italy offers unique polenta, prosciutto and gnocchi dishes. Central Italy with its mind-blowing arrosticini and mozzarella creations. Southern Italy’s mutton dishes and cannoli are a true taste sensation. And the Italian islands inspire the pallet with their fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Each region has its own culinary speciality. Just tell us what you would like to serve and we will arrange it. Along with accompanying regional wines to perfectly compliment each course. We get hungry just thinking about it!

But mouth watering taste creations are not limited to the reception. Enjoy a nice, cold gelato or granita with your guests after your nuptials in the little village square just outside the church. Serve your guests a welcome cocktail of chilled Italian prosecco when they reach the reception venue. Or, after the official evening festivities have come to a close, nibble on a freshly baked late-night pizza.

9) Italian Favors

When your Italian dream wedding draws to a close, you and your new spouse will want to thank your gusts for coming – in the Italian tradition, of course! Perhaps a hand decorated bomboniere box containing Italian confetti (sugared almonds). Or a small wicker basket holding miniature bottles of limoncello, olive oil and one or two regional sauces.

A piece of beautifully painted pottery or a lovely scarf in silk or velvet. We can offer you a wide variety of suggestions, and together we can find the ultimate wedding favor for you to give your guests. To thank them for supporting you and your new spouse on one of your most important days together.

Photo courtesy Specchio Magico

10) Italian Couture

This Top 10 would not be complete without including Italian couture. Italians are world famous for their style and fashion. And their bridal fashions are always in high demand! Today’s Italian creations for brides vary from fresh, clean lines to more traditional tulle confections. From updated twists on old favourites to bold get-you-noticed designs. And the choice of attire for grooms is no exception. The groom can take his pick of a classic morning suit or tuxedo, or go for a more understated look in a well tailored 3-piece suit.

Dare to bring some color into the ensemble with a unique vest, waistcoat and tie (traditional, bow or cravat). And let’s not forget the shoes! Luxurious Italian shoe styles are virtually guaranteed to grab the eye’s attention. Charming detail-oriented heels for her; handsome hand-stitched designs for him. What more could a bride and groom ask for?