Almost nothing compares to a Capri wedding!

It’s true, a Capri wedding has virtually no equal. The reasons are as clear as the warm, turqouise water that surrounds this lovely Mediterranean Italian island. 

At SposiamoVi we put our heads together and came up with three main reasons why Capri weddings are so fabulous. Reasons that might convince you to travel to this upscale island and allow us to plan your wedding. One that will live in your memory forever.

3 reasons to get married on the island of Capri

Here it goes!

Reason 1: Matchless views and mind-blowing sunsets

Capri Wedding Planner SposiamoViAt dusk the glowing sun sinks down slowly into the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, changing the blue sky of day into a spectacle of purples, yellows and oranges. Showing off the various textures of Capri and playing with the shadows in an unexpected way. You can catch this natural display in the lively piazzetta, whilst you sit sipping cocktails on one of the many ancient terraces overlooking the sea or during a tour around the island in a vintage convertible taxi. 

Reason 2: Fresh, creative cuisine  

Dining on the island of Capri is one big, gastronomic experience. Enjoy an evening meal of fresh seafood dishes. Munch on delicious afternoon appitizers in one of Capri’s cosy little cafés. Delight in irresistible lemon cakes or grab a few scoops of gelato. And don’t forget to top it all off with some refreshing lemoncello or a glass of Capri Rosso.

Capri Dessert TableReason 3: Sumptuous, high quality services

Some of the best hotels in Italy are located on the island of Capri: JKPlace, Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri Tiberio Palace and Punta Tragara to name a few. These venues are proud to give their visitors the best of the best: a relaxing atmopshere, impeccable service and thoughtful leisure facilities. Especially wedding parties will appreciate the attention to detail that these hotels present. Not only for the gorgeous accommodations but also for the wedding reception possibilities.

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And there you have it, our top three reasons to hold your wedding on Capri. But before you book your Capri wedding, here are a few things to consider…

Shoulder to shoulder

Summer (June to August) on Capri is the busiest season of the year. In fact, officials there register an average of 22,000 visitors each day in the month of August alone. Quite a few people for such a small island. This can make for slow going along Capri’s narrow lanes and walkways. But keep in mind that, once the day visitors have returned to the mainland, the evenings are much quieter. 

Capri Wedding La Fontelina
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Our personal favourite

April, May, September and October are our absolute favorite months on Capri. During these months, the weather is amazing, to the point where the water is still warm enough for a dip and the outdoor temperatures are never sweltering. Better still, the hotel rates are significantly lower in this ‘off season’.


Please note that a Catholic wedding is not possible on the island of Capri. Only the locals are allowed this privilege. However, we’re able to put together a superb civil wedding (with legal validity) for you in any desired venue on the island. Now that’s having your cake and eating it too!

Hotel Quisisana Wedding
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Capri Weddings
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Like to see an example of how we can make your Capri wedding a day to remember? Check out September and Micheal’s fun weekend wedding in Capri and take in the romance of it all.

 You’ve read through our top three reasons to have your wedding on the magnificent island of Capri, you’ve drooled over the video example and now your brain is overflowing with the possibilities. Why not let us help you put it all together? Contact us today and let’s discuss what SposiamoVi can do for you!