From Street Party to Sketches: 8 of the Best Italian Wedding Entertainment Ideas

From ethereal experiences with a sky filled with balloons to entrances that exude local flavours and live entertainments your guests can even take home with them, discover the most enchanting, exciting and smile-raising wedding entertainment ideas we know couples love as a dedicated wedding planner in Italy.

A touch of magic

Immerse your guests in a mythical experience with our fairy-inspired cocktail hour. Think decor with an elegant dash of whimsy and sparkle and live actors bringing the magic to you through dance and the delivery of a gift.

Switch it up for a Narnia-esque vibe with our enchanted flora and fauna theme as an alternative. Authentic characters could guide you to your seats at dinner, or strike a pose with you in an accessorised photo booth.

However you style it, this one’s all about the atmosphere, which guarantees to make your heart flutter.

Picture the scene

You’re getting married right here, right now, and as your dedicated wedding planner in Italy, we love to reflect that in your wedding entertainment ideas too.

Invite an artist to capture your moment in time as they paint live during the celebrations. A live painter promises a brilliant talking point among guests, and a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir for you.

But the keepsakes needn’t stop there. While the artist works their magic, let a live sketcher work the floor, whipping up portraits of each of your guests to take home as favours. Watercolour finishes add whimsy to forever remind them of your dream day.

Heaven scent

Invoke a sense of elegance to your wedding entertainment ideas in Italy with an indulgent bespoke perfume bar. With an expert guide, you and your wedding party may blend your own beautiful scents. A treasured memento to remember the day, perfectly personalised to your celebration theme.

On cloud nine

Seeing two people in love make the biggest commitment of their lives is what it’s all about as a wedding planner in Italy. We encourage every couple we collaborate with to make the most of every moment of that magic. You’ll never do it again!

One of our favourite ways to do so is with your bride and groom entrance or your first dance. We can coordinate a flying ballerina entrance to make the moment unforgettable. Picture a sea of 250 balloons rising to the skies around you as a ballerina ascends with them, before delivering you your first wedding gift.

All together now

When picking out the perfect wedding entertainment ideas for your wedding in Italy, your thoughts will always return to the family and friends you plan to share the day with. And with some careful coordination behind the scenes, we’ll ensure everyone is involved in the excitement!

Ramp up the tempo with a surprise flash mob before you cut your wedding cake together. With all eyes on you, this dance experience inspired by one of Florence’s most beautiful paintings, the Primavera Botticelli, this is a flash mob unlike any other – filled with culture, elegance and romance.

Another fun-filled way to turn the party up is with a street parade from ceremony to cocktail hour. It’s a favourite of ours as your wedding planner in Italy. It will instantly immerse your celebration in the irresistible warmth of the local culture under a sun-kissed Italian sky.

If you’re dreaming of a custom-made Italian wedding experience, then please do share your vision with us. From entertainment to aesthetics, we are your dedicated wedding planner in Italy. As such, we are committed to creating a completely personal and immersive experience for you from sun-up to sundown.