Top 10 Italian Wedding Gift Ideas

Your guests have travelled from afar (granted, some farther than others) Give them a warm welcome to Italy with 10 Italian wedding gift ideas and spoil them with a taste of the best Italian products.

Italy is one of the most represented countries in the world. Its cities and landscapes have inspired artists, photographers and movie directors for centuries. Then it’s easy to understand why Italy has become a dream destination for travellers and wedding couples alike. This country has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing, but if you really want to tempt your guests you should give them a taste of the best Italian products.

What better way to express your gratitude than with a lovely gift bag full of Italian goodies! When it comes to your destination wedding, your guests are high on our list of priorities. It’s a pleasure for our team to find creative and original ideas for your Italian wedding gift bags, that will delight your guests upon their arrival.

Here are our Top 10 gift bag ideas!

1) Italian Straw Bag

Let’s start with the bag. Since first impressions count, it can’t be just a bag. We suggest you choose a typical Italian straw bag from one of our colourful street markets. A bag with vintage allure which can also be used later as a beach bag.

2) Italian delicacies

Now that you have your bag, consider adding Italian delicacies. Maybe start with those lovely little Rose Chocolates, made in Florence by the ancient Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. These dark chocolate squares are flavoured with rose essential oil and perfect for guests with a sweet tooth.

Italian Wedding Gift Ideas3) A Snack

For your guests who prefer savoury snack, we recommend adding Taralli from Puglia, a kind of pretzel that can be flavoured with various aromatic herbs, such as fennel.

4) Italian Wine

As you know Italy has an array of wonderful wines on offer. Actually, we have an almost embarrassing wealth of options. Prosecco is surely one of the most appreciated and best known, but don’t forget about the local specialty wines. Need a suggestion? Our choice would be Foss Marai Roös Brut, a warm yet lively rosé spumante wine.

5)  Travel Journal

Since your gift bag is meant for foreign guests, it could be a nice touch to add a travel journal. A small notepad where they can write down thoughts, impressions and experiences that move them during their stay. We find the particularly refined Amalfi journal to be the best. Named after the marvellous Italian coastal town, this wrap-style journal is filled with thick, creamy paper and bound in buttery leather covers that are available in assorted colours.

6) Capri Sandals

Nearby Amalfi you can find another gem of Italian artisan experience: the authentic Capri sandals. These sandals are inspired by the model chosen by Jackie Kennedy, eternal fashion icon, and made by renowned sandal designer Canfora.

7) Straw Hat

Not only does Italy boast awe-inspiring architecture but also gorgeous beaches. On that note, let’s talk beach items. We suggest you include a straw hat, which can be found in one of the local street markets and, of course, matches the bag.

8) Beach Towel

For a very stylish beach set you might consider adding an Aquatellus handwoven organic raw cotton towel or a handwoven raw silk scarf or shawl. Like a less expensive option? You can find comparable items that are just as lovely at the local markets. Scarves and shawls are not only decorative, they are also highly versatile (and extremely appreciated).

Italian Wedding Gift Ideas9) Italianissimo Book

There is also one book that cannot be missed in this Italian Dolce Vita gift bag: Italianissimo: The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best. This book holds a wealth of sophisticated information about such Italian icons as: hand gestures, patron saints, pasta, parmesan, the piazza, the Fiat 500, ex votos, fashion, Neo-realist cinema, authority figures, Pinocchio, the Italian male, the mezzaluna, shoes, opera, the Vespa, the Ferrari, gelato, gondolas, and so much more!

10) Flowers & Welcome Note

Finally, remember to bundle up a bouquet of local flowers that can peak out of the gift bag. While you’re at it, add a personalised welcome note and a hand-drawn map of the wedding spot and Presto! You have a gift bag that your guests will enjoy.

Get in touch and let’s plan the Italian wedding to exceed your wildest dreams.