The Real Wedding of September & Michael on the Island of Capri

A big day that certainly lived up to the Dolce Vita fantasy that this couple had always dreamed of.

As Italian wedding planners we often find that couples come to us initially with just ideas. Not fully formed notions of where, or how they want to get married in Italy, they just want to. And that’s great! Because we can really let our creative juices flow. Equally, we also love it when couples approach us with a clear idea of what they desire from their big day. September and Michael, were one such couple. They knew that they wanted a wedding in Capri. And they knew just how they wanted it to look. It was up to us to put together for them, and add a little bit of SposiamoVi magic!

As a destination wedding location, Capri really combines the very best of what Italy has to offer. From amazing fresh food, and delicious wine. To a culture that embraces its visitors warmly. And endless ocean views that offer a real island feel, within an intimate setting. Being Italian wedding planners, we of course love Capri. As it offers all the above, and more, to the destination wedding couple. Find out how much more, and see why this couple took the culture of Capri to their hearts, and how we created the island celebration of a lifetime for them.

An Elegantly Fun Wedding Celebration on the Island of Capri
Who are September & Michael?

Our bride and groom are two hugely successful individuals in their own right. September is the owner of a thriving online retailer called Tuckernuck, and Michael works in real estate for a private equity firm. They met initially in Washington through friends, and were soon excitedly planning their first date together.

A romance evolved, and soon the subject of marriage was forever on each other’s lips. However, Michael managed to keep the actual engagement a secret from his future bride. “It was the ultimate surprise. I thought we were going to the National Cathedral with friends, and he got down on one knee in the garden on the path to the church. The surprise only got better when he had all of my friends and family waiting for me at the restaurant where he first saw me.” said September. It was soon after this momentous occasion our Italian wedding planners met the couple, and started planning their Capri wedding!

Describe the Feeling of the Wedding?

On the island, the weather in late September can be unpredictable. But the days September and Michael chose for their Capri wedding were perfect! Not too hot, and just warm enough to fully enjoy the best sunbathing of the season. September and Michael had a large group of young friends and family members to celebrate with, and they treated the occasion as the ultimate vacation together. The most romantic of nuptials, but also a show stopping wedding experience for all!

Wedding Il Riccio Capri
Why Did They Choose the Wedding Venue?

First and foremost, our couple chose Il Riccio for its coloring, and the fact that the venue perfectly matched the “Dolce & Gabbana in Capri” theme that September had in mind. “I wanted my wedding color palette and theme, la dolce vita, to reflect the gorgeous colors found throughout Capri. From the colorful tiles, boats and buildings to the magnificent gardens, lemon groves and orange trees, you are completely captivated by the citrus and jewel tones at every turn.” said September.

But their amazing venue also benefitted from being above the famous blue grotto, a mesmeric sea cave our couple and their friends were keen to experience. Plus, from their elegant top terrace you could admire the sunset, and dance till dawn with little restrictions!

Wedding Capri Il Riccio
Wedding Planner Il Riccio Capri
What Did the Couple and their Bridal Party Wear?

As our bride is the owner of an online retailer that specializes in fashion, she was able to custom design bridesmaids dresses for her wedding party. These gowns were crafted in shades of blue, poppy red, and bright yellow to reflect September’s dolce vita theme. “It was very important to me that my bridesmaids loved their dresses because I am in the business of making people feel good in the clothes that they wear.” stated September.

Bridesmaids Dresses Capri Wedding

September’s bridal gown was designed by Austin Scarlett for Bergdorf Goodman. And it was a bespoke creation that reflected our brides’ simple, yet elegant theme. She complemented her big day look with a cathedral-length lace veil, a something-borrowed from her Mum.

Austin Scarlett Bergdorf Goodman wedding gown
What was the Color palette, and Why was it Chosen?

Our team of Italian wedding planners worked tirelessly to bring our brides’ ideas to life and create a stunning, unique, once-in-a-lifetime Capri event. September’s ‘Dolce & Gabbana in Capri’ vibe rings throughout, especially in her color palette. Blending a mix of classic cobalt and Persian blue, with leaf green and Bougainvillea we managed to express her unique vision to perfection. And we believed that the overall look was super chic, and loved how it incorporated local materials and details commonly found throughout the region.


We had initially thought to use lemons, greenery and plants placed within baskets and garden urns to decorate the church. However, our bride opted instead for some very simple decor near the altar, so to focus more on the venue reception. Post-ceremony we arranged a fun finale in the market square for our couple, bringing in a folk group to serenade them during apéritif, before descending on Il Riccio! There we set up a wonderland of bougainvillea. Blue and white prints completely transformed their Capri beach club, bringing the dolce vita wedding vibes throughout.

What was a Unique Touch or Decor Item that Stood Out in Your Memory?

The slogan of the wedding weekend was “La Dolce Votta”. The groom’s last name is Votta, as he has Italian origins. We used this fun, and original saying wherever possible. Even creating a special logo with it on, which we used on their wedding gifts.

What was a Special Moment of This Day That Stood Out in Your Memory?

Our couples’ faces when they were “surprised” by the folk band in the piazzetta! At that time, the band didn’t have an Instagram page or any fancy videos to promote their work. And so September and Michael had to trust us when we said they were perfect for that moment! We explained everything in detail to our couple, but they also said they didn’t want to spoil the surprise by knowing too much.

Capri Folk Band for Wedding
Wedding in Capri

We also created personalized ceramic plates for each of the wedding guests. Every plate was hand-painted with their names’, and placed on the dining tables. They all loved this very personal touch. And the wedding cake was also a very special moment! The pastry chef at Il Riccio literally made it on the spot, and the bride and groom joined in to add their own final decorating flourish!

Wedding in Capri Il Riccio  Sposiamovi
Il Riccio Capri
Custom Italian Plates Wedding in Italy
September and Micheal real wedding Il Riccio Capri
And a word of thanks from our bride…


Words cannot express how much I appreciated you and all of your hard work. Your patience, kindness, and attention to detail throughout this process is something none other than the best wedding planner in the world could have provided. I feel SO fortunate to have met you and worked with you. You crafted and executed the wedding, dreams are made of and it was so beyond my wildest expectations.

Please know how sincerely grateful I am now and forever.

September Rinnier Votta

As Italian wedding planners, we see many couples, but few newly-weds have had as much free spirited fun as these two. Their dedication to each other, and their wedding party was evident from the moment we met them. It was a pleasure to plan and craft their dream wedding in Capri. And we wish them every happiness for their future together.

We hope we have inspired your own destination wedding in Italy, or maybe you have fallen for the island of Capri! As wedding planners in Italy we have expert, local knowledge of the venues and vendors across the country. From the jaw-dropping destinations of Tuscany and Portofino, to the historic cities of Rome, Venice, Puglia and Florence. Wherever you choose to tie the knot in Italy, we have the know-how to make it magnificent. If you’d like to book Sposiamovi as your Italian wedding planners, then please feel free to visit via our contact page. And in the meantime please browse our other real weddings in Capri and beyond!