Top 5 reasons why a minimony is a memorable and delightful affair

We have always been fans of intimate weddings, the one case in which less is totally more. Micro weddings are the latest trend in the wedding industry. Read our top 5 reasons why a minimony is a memorable and delightful affair.

Small Wedding Ceremony at Villa Cimbrone Italy

Mini ceremonies are shared between the couple, and a handful of loved ones, up to 10, an officiant and few vendors. Micro weddings generally include up to 25 guests.

Minimonies and Micro weddings are incredibly special, meaningful and emotional.

While the trend was forced by Covid, which is terrible on so many levels, there are many wonderful benefits come about for couples having small weddings.

Here are 5 benefits for a small wedding and so many ways to make the day special without sacrificing what’s important to you.

Wedding Invitations Villa Cimbrone Italy


Imagine inviting the handful of people who matter to you the most and spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, a luxury you don’t have with bigger weddings. 

Each person who will be with you on our day knows your love story and who you are as a couple. 

Maybe you want to write a personal, heartfelt note to each of your guests as an invite or even include your guests in parts of your ceremony to make the event more memorable and meaningful for everyone!

Each guest could have a role, read a line of a prayer or stand in a circle around you as you say your vows. 

To make the wedding even more sentimental make them part of the wedding procession or have them “warm the rings” in a ritual where the rings are passed from guest to guest to be infused by the well wishes, positive vibes and loving energies of each guest before being exchanged by the bride and groom.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony Italy
Villa Cimbrone Small Wedding

With a small wedding, newlyweds can opt for a king’s style table where they are seated with their favorite people in the world while conversing and laughing over delectable foods paired with the best wines.

No microphones needed for the speeches!

An intimate wedding slows things down and allows you to really be present and soak up every minute!



It’s not about quantity but quality. 

Planning for a small wedding offers you the opportunity to prioritize quality over quantity. Intimate gatherings recenter the focus back onto the couple and the people they love most, and this of course, is what weddings are all about.

Creative options to personalize your guest experience open up when you have a small wedding. 

You can deliver a very detailed and unique high-end experience. 

Surprise your guests with fun and unexpected local activities, welcome bags and gifts, and more.

Wedding welcome bag Italy

Invest in a band instead of a DJ, maybe offer your guests a mixologist for cocktail hour..

The design world can really open up as well to give you a dream wedding that you never could’ve afforded with over double the guests.

Creative elements such as fine art stationery with beautiful calligraphy, artfully designed wedding cakes, and lavish florals can still be enjoyed throughout the wedding day. The list goes on and on..

Despite this reception is small, it finds its beauty in intricate and elegant details that feel just as luxurious as large-scale event.

Your guests will love the attention to detail and thoughtful touches and you will create the wedding that will make you happy when you pull out the photo album on your 10th anniversary.

Bride Villa Cimbrone


One of the most obvious benefits comes down to cost. 

Planning for a smaller wedding can save a considerable amount and the extra savings on your budget could go a long way. Make the most of it and enjoy the celebration!

Sit down with your fiancé and really discuss what is important and meaningful for your small ceremony and then indulge in making this occasion extra special. 

All the money you would have to spend on food and drink for a bigger wedding is available to spend on other items for the wedding. 

You can decide to splurge your dream honeymoon getaway or other elements that are important to you, perhaps that fabulous wedding stationary you have been swooning over, the best photographer or indulge in luxury florals, exquisite mood lighting with the money that is freed up by having a small celebration. 

When it comes to what to spend the additional funds on, there are so many options. 

Villa Cimbrone Ravello

More Venue Options

With a smaller guest list, you have access to a larger number of dreamy wedding venues. 

Once you choose the venue, you might have more options on where the ceremony or reception is happens. Intimate weddings allow you to think outside the box, in fact venue options that could never work for a larger event are suddenly on the table, including less conventional options

Choosing a venue is one of the most exciting steps in the planning process. 

We have a wonderful portfolio of venues to share with you that will gladly accommodate your minimony. 

Wedding Cake Villa Cimbrone

Take off the pressure

Last but not least is reduced stress. 

With fewer people to handle the wedding, it will probably be less stressful for you, as you can forget about the crazy high expectations, and focus on the things that YOU want on your wedding day. 

We hope you feel inspired and refreshed with a new perspective on your intimate destination wedding. We promise your best day ever will be more perfect than you ever imagined.

If you have a beautiful sparkly ring on your finger and are planning a wedding in Italy we want to hear more about your love story. Drop us a line at Sposiamovi and we will send you information and inspiration for your own beautiful intimate gathering.

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