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Alice Fognani

I started SposiamoVi together with Cinzia in 2006. We met at a social gathering among friends where we quickly discovered that we had the same business interests, and worked previously in jobs where immaculate planning and customer service were of the utmost importance. From that time to this we have organised over 150 weddings together!

Next to covering all the marketing and communication for SposiamoVi, it’s my task to plan weddings, check that the quality of our services and service providers is up to par and keep a sharp eye on the final client satisfaction level. I’m passionate about interiors and styling. My favourite weddings are those I get to plan with fun, stimulating, elegant couples. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be able to bring their distinct personalities and desired style into the design and approach of their wedding. If the client is demanding, that typically means that I can take the decor to a whole new level – something I really enjoy!

I just cannot comprehend how it surpassed every dream, idea, and pinterest board I had, it was the most magical day and something we will treasure forever! – Sarah and Shaun, UK – Wedding in Portofino

Having a good understanding of people, cultures and languages is important in this business; skills that have helped me in more ways than I can count. I’ve travelled extensively – even lived in Texas, USA for four years! – and the various encounters I’ve had and people skills I’ve gained throughout the years all combine to help me work with my colleagues to plan unforgettable weddings.

We couldn’t ask for anything else, you made it perfect. We know you mean it when you say that every detail is important, we experienced just that! Alice, we’re glad we found you.. – Linda and Erik, Norway – Portofino Wedding

I’m a mother of 2 enthusiastic teenagers, and my interests include interior design, yoga, reading, listening to music – Iron Maiden concerts are my absolute favourite – and playing football (‘soccer’ to our US clients). Being a former flight attendant, I feel like that job helped to prepare me for my career in the wedding planning industry. Helped me refine my planning and leadership skills and strengthen my ability for quick, creative problem solving; even in the most strenuous situations.

My golden rule: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

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The one interest we all share: ensuring your wedding is perfect!