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Anna Grimaldi

Ciao! I’m Anna and I work with SposiamoVi on my beloved Amalfi Coast.   I was born and bred in Campania. While studying Tourism Management at University, I had the opportunity to stay in France for one year and in England for two months. Yes, living abroad is fascinating, but I could never renounce the beauty (and the food!) of my birth country.   That’s why, after completing my degree, I came back to Italy and decided to move to the Amalfi Coast.   I initially found work in a 5-star luxury hotel, in the events and reservations department. That job has helped me to improve my planning skills and gain the ability of quick problem solving. I also now fully understand my passion for the magical world of events and for the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.   When I started working at SposiamoVi, I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to be in such a great team with these wonderful women, these professional wedding planners. I have the unique opportunity to learn from them every day, and it’s a priceless experience!   Why I love this job so much? I could never imagine something more satisfying than helping people feel happy. ay.

In my free time I love to travel. When (re)discovering Borghi – a lovely, cosy municipality in Italy – there is almost always something new that surprises me. I love exploring this little corner of paradise together with my family, friends and my dog, from whom I am almost inseparable.

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