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Carlotta Cirone

Buongiorno, I’m Carlotta. I had the good fortune to work with SposiamoVi just after I finished university, at the very beginning of my career. Assisting these competent planners helped me understand people’s feelings better and grow as a professional. I left two years ago to pursue other interests, but I’m back again with the team, working as a wedding planner. Because, for me, nothing compares to planning weddings!

I’m very outgoing and like it when clients become friends. My open and calm attitude make me a great bridal assistant as well as a planner. Brides value my positive and reassuring approach, and often ask me to stay with them whilst they get ready.

Even though I’ve seen many weddings, I cry at each one. To me, this is so much more than a job.

You could say that I’m a born planner. Ever since I can remember, I’m the friend who plans dinners, holidays and birthday parties. What I like most about my job with SposiamoVi is getting to know the clients, understanding their initial ideas and transforming those ideas into a personalised and unique experience for the couples and their guests.

I’m in love with the Portofino Coast! I have lived on the Italian Riviera for the past two years and now know all the best spots and the area’s best kept secrets. And I’m very happy to be able to share my knowledge and the little insider tips.

Foodie. That’s one of the words that describes me. I combine my love of food with travel, tasting all the local specialities and exploring different cultures. Hiking, skiing and venturing off into the middle of nowhere, to back get into contact with nature, are also high on my list of favourite things to do.

My favourite month is September; the varying blue shades of the sky and the sounds of the sea as it kisses the coastline is truly unique.

We’re all diverse. Get to know a bit about us.

The one interest we all share: ensuring your wedding is perfect!