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Clea Tavella

Ciao! I’m Clea and I work with SposiamoVi on the Italian Riviera.

I’m a very passionate person, striving to reach the outermost from myself and my job.

By nature I’m a very organised and precise person, but I also have a strong creative flair and enjoy helping people feel happy: it’s something that gives me boundless positive energy and great satisfaction.

To me beauty is essential to get the most out of special moments and to improve the quality of my everyday life.

Being Italian, I’ve always been drawn to beauty. While studying English and German at the University for Translators and Interpreters in Trieste, I had the opportunity to stay in Germany for one year. For a while I entertained the thought of living abroad. But then I got to know and appreciate Italy from the outside looking in. It’s broad array of culture and art, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food… It was inevitable that I’d stay in Italy to live and work after my studies.

My work as a wedding planner is perfectly suited to my personality.

I have the honour of fulfilling the innermost wishes of couples from around the world by helping to make their special day a beautiful one they’ll always remember.

I count myself fortunate that I get to work within such a great team at SposiamoVi. My colleagues are highly motivated, and they are young but still possess a great amount of experience. I have the unique opportunity to learn from them every day, and my innate enthusiasm is something that I feel I add to the mix.

In my spare time I enjoy life with my beautiful family: my loving husband, amazing daughter and two adorable cats. Of course, life wouldn’t be complete without great food, interesting friends, ever-changing nature and continuously discovering other cultures and countries.

My mantra? There are no problems, only opportunities.

We’re all diverse. Get to know a bit about us.

The one interest we all share: ensuring your wedding is perfect!