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Marta Buson

Ciao! I am Marta and I have the pleasure of working with SposiamoVi in the Genoa office.

When I started working at SposiamoVi, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to truly do what I had always dreamed of doing: fulfilling my passion in building a visual story. I am in love with the work we get to carry out every day.

I get excited for all the moments that weddings bring. It almost goes without saying that I get emotional at every wedding!

One of the several reasons I enjoy this job so much? I get the chance to make a couple happy by creating one of the most joyful days in their lives together. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Each bride and groom are a new journey, on which I concentrate all my devotion. My passion for this job leads me to work long hours until I achieve what the couple desires.

By nature, I am a precise and organised person ― a perfectionist, a hard worker ― and I have a penchant for details.

Moreover, I’ve always loved listening to other people’s stories, and this job gives me the opportunity to make a couple’s dream story come true on their big day.

I consider it an honour to work with such a great team of professionals! I know that I can always count on them; there’s nothing better than feeling that you are not alone. From my first day here, they have filled me with all the motivation I have needed.

As for the personal side of my life, I live in Rapallo, a small beach town close to Genova. I have always enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere here and, most definitely, the sea! I think I could never live in a place that is not near the sea…

Additionally, I love travelling, discovering new cultures, getting to know new people and spending my spare time with the people I love the most.

We’re all diverse. Get to know a bit about us.

The one interest we all share: ensuring your wedding is perfect!