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Silvia Marte

Buongiorno! I’m Silvia and, as one of the SposiamoVi concierge service managers, it’s my duty to ensure that you and your guests have a worry-free journey and stay in Italy.

I have spent the last decade working in the tourism industry, designing special and interesting tours and holidays that focused on food, culture and Italian opera. Living and working in Italy, I find myself stimulated, challenged and captivated. Confirmation that I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to transform my passion into a job!

Why SposiamoVi? I want to offer unforgettable experiences. And I find that working here enables me to share my local knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for my country with others. SposiamoVi gives me the chance to use all the skills I have acquired, lets me be part of an unbelievably organised team. A team in which each and every individual is a source of help, expertise and genuine kindliness.

Being a concierge manager gives me a bit of everything: being active, detail oriented, figuring out how to keep you and your guests happy. I’m flexible and ready for whatever comes my way.

Every day that I work with SposiamoVi, I receive so much appreciation from guests. Because of guest feedback, I know that I’m helping to make incredible memories for them. Quite a job perk!

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love being outside, feeling the wind and sun on my face and smelling the flowers and trees. My favourite season is summer, when I can relax at the seaside and hear the sounds of the ocean. Obviously, travel is at the top of my list; my suitcases are ready anytime I am. I’m also an amateur chef and I enjoy creating new dishes. I adore reading travel guides and travel magazines, mostly because they encourage me to stay curious. A movement enthusiast, I enjoy Pilates, Spinning and sports in general. I’m a true football fan and a passionate supporter of my local team.

My Mantra: Be there for others but never leave yourself behind

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The one interest we all share: ensuring your wedding is perfect!