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Guest concierge service

Concierge services are no longer limited to exclusive hotels and 5th avenue apartment buildings, This specialty service has expanded to include healthcare, office buildings and, in our case, wedding planning services. At SposiamoVi our ultimate goal is to relieve you of your wedding stress and create the wedding of your dreams – and we have the services to back it up.

Recognising what’s important to you

We understand that your guests mean the world to both of you, and that it’s important to you that they receive the best possible experience. That’s why we offer each of our couples our exclusive guest concierge service. A 100% customised service for you and your guests that helps to give peace of mind before, during and after your wedding. It paves the way to a smoother, more relaxed experience. A wedding experience that your guests will be gushing about for years to come!

A refreshing spin on service

Your SposiamoVi guest concierge works exclusively for you and your guests. This person ensures that each guest receives fast and detailed answers to any questions. Practical questions like what’s the best way to get to the wedding venue, which hotels are close by, what’s the nightlife like and where is the best hair and nail salon. Your concierge even collects and organises your RSVPs, and coordinates guest dietary and event attendance information.

But your concierge doesn’t stop there! They can also give information on day trips, the best spas, cooking experiences, wine tastings, yacht rentals, local activities… The list goes on! The point is that your SposiamoVi concierge puts the focus on you and your wedding party before, during and after your wedding.

e-Info at your fingertips

After you have set the date for your Italian wedding, we will create a private and personalised wedding website for you. A kind of ‘one stop shop’ for information surrounding your wedding. Next to offering information about the venue(s), dress codes and activities, this website will give useful location information so that each guest can plan their travel and book their accommodations well in advance. Something every busy guest will appreciate greatly!

From start to finish

You might think that your concierge is only on hand for pre-wedding organisation. Nope! The SposiamoVi concierge will provide guaranteed assistance throughout your wedding weekend, any time you need them. Sheer heaven when you consider all the additional requests and potential hiccups that can pop up at the last minute. Then, all you have to do is relax and show up!

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