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Italian wedding planners delivering meaningful and elegant weddings in Italy. Imagine your wedding in Rome among the ancient and glorious past, or a fun and joyful wedding in Tuscany, nestled in the rolling hills of Chianti. Perhaps your Italian wedding is to take place on the shores of the beautiful Lake Como or the tiny and romantic Lake Orta or maybe you envision a wedding in Capri where the views will leave you breathless, a wedding in Portofino, sophisticated and glamorous or the wild and traditional atmosphere of a Puglia wedding. SposiamoVi is a small company with offices in the most beautiful parts of the country planning weddings in Italy since 2006. Regardless of the size of the event your vision will be brought from idea to reality to create your stylish Italian wedding, which will leave lasting memories for you and your guests. SposiamoVi provides all the necessary support during the planning and works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the event runs seamlessly. Get in touch and celebrate in style!

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