Breathtaking Luxurious Indonesian Wedding at La Cervara in Portofino

Overlooking the glamorous setting of Portofino, this was a wedding that was both spectacular and intimate in equal measures.

On September 18th 2018, Irvan and Robyn exchanged their vows in one of the prettiest and fun wedding ceremonies and receptions La Cervara, Portofino has ever seen! A day that was full of laughter, entertainment and sophistication – and a very proud day for us as their wedding planners in Italy.

From Jakarta to Portofino

From Jakarta in Indonesia, Irvan and Robyn are the sweetest couple. They met as friends in high school, but that friendship soon blossomed a few years later into something more romantic. Their family describe them as two souls who complement each other completely, and this is most certainly down to their yin and yang personalities. Robyn is very elegant, delicate and poised. While Irvan is energetic, enthusiastic and boundlessly spirited. This juxtaposition of identities works so well in their partnership, one that is bound by their love, respect and affection for each other.

Our couple chose Portofino for their wedding as it was there that Irvan proposed to Robyn. At the end of a two-week trip around Europe, the couple were due to fly back to Jarkarta, but they had one last stop on their itinerary, Portofino. Overlooking the sea, Irvan surprised his future bride during a private lunch by secretly instructing their waitress to present his engagement ring on her dessert plate. When the waitress opened the cover and Robyn saw the bright orange box she was shocked and delighted. Irvan didn’t have to wait long before he heard the response he’d been hoping for.

Intimate Wedding in Portofino at La Cervara

A Couple with an Eye for Design

Robyn is an interior designer, and Irvan an entrepreneur. As a team they blend together so harmoniously, both successful businesspeople who know what they like and are driven in their pursuit of it. As wedding planners in Portofino, we are used to having clients with high demands, but very few of them are quite as frank as Robyn was. From the very beginning, Robyn was up-front and told us that as a client, she was very demanding, detail-oriented and could be a challenge!

This was something that we really appreciated, and for our team, her honestly endeared us to her even more. Therefore we explained to her that she was just the kind of client we like to work for. We loved them as a couple, so different, yet so perfectly matched.

Bride at La Cervara Portofino

La Cervara, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy

Portofino was set as the city for their wedding. Not only was it a special place for them. Being small city meant that their guests could holiday and mingle together outside of their organized group wedding activities.

The couple pounced on their wedding venue as soon as they saw it, La Cervara. The lush greenery, magical atmosphere and breathtaking views all came together to form the dream location for our bride and groom.

La Cervara is one of the most beautiful wedding venues not just in Portofino, but in Italy too. A national monument, this Benedictine abbey is a coastal paradise with ancient crypts and cloisters, 15th century frescoes, a one-of-a-kind wisteria courtyard plus charming terraces overlooking the sea. It was this Portofino vista that we planned to hold the wedding ceremony of Robyn and Irvan. As it was not only picturesque, but also mimicked the view the couple shared when Irvan proposed.

The Perfect Balance of Sophistication & Fun

Their exchange of vows was framed by the most romantic of floral arches. A fresh palette of predominantly white and light pink, lilac and light blue shades complimented their horizon, and blended with the surroundings of La Cervara beautifully.

As luxury wedding planners in Italy we pride ourselves on having the best vendors in the country. Flower Addicted in particular went above and beyond on this big day, without ever overpowering the beauty of our venue. Only elevating it and our couple’s special moments. In fact every small detail of this special day was worked on meticulously in order to achieve such elevation.

This wedding in Portofino was a real collaboration between Robyn, Irvan and our specialist team. At every step we offered our full support and guidance to the couple. During the design process in particular we made sure to match their desires for different options, while also creating a consistent style for each moment during the day. The process involved many wedding professionals, from architects, stylists and florists to specialist rental companies and production teams.

As dedicated wedding planners we traveled throughout Italy in order to do table setting mock-ups, combine flowers to the different decor elements at the reception and find exclusive resources scattered across the country. It was a challenging yet always fun team goal to find the perfect balance of Irvan and Robyn’s preferences, while also staying in line with the venue, season and the atmosphere they wanted to create on their most important day. And as Robyn walked down the aisle in her custom LPG wedding dress, holding hands with her father, we knew we had got it just right.

Wedding La Cervara Portofino

Born Performers on a Stage Full of Love & Joy

Robyn and Irvan wanted their friends and family to not just attend their wedding, but contribute to it too. And this was a key challenge of us, to coordinate all of these different contributions and blend them together to create ‘a script’ for the day. In the upper garden of La Cervara, we staged all the amazing gifts and speeches our couples’ friends bestowed on them. In addition we arranged some amazing entertainment  to delight their guests.

It was a place in time that was full of love, happiness and color – with a palette that was a refined and light mix of white, a tiny touch of burgundy, gold, gray and emerald green. It was also here that our highlight of the big day took place, the first dance of Robyn and Irvan. Not content with the average first dance routine, our couple practiced for months in order to perfect an ambitious performance for their loved ones. They danced like they were born on the stage, and their friends and family could not believe what they were seeing! It was everybody’s perfect ending to the dinner and their big day.

Wedding in Portofino at La Cervara

We hope we have inspired your own destination wedding in Italy. Or maybe you have fallen for La Cervara in Portofino specifically?

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