The Luxurious & Sophisticated Amalfi Coast Wedding of Aida & Fraser

A charming backdrop to the most glamorous of nuptials in Positano

The stars aligned when Aida & Fraser booked us to be their Amalfi Coast wedding planners, as our touchpoints on style and glamour were just so alike. We all had the same feeling on our first meeting back in 2017, love at first sight, as if we’d known each other forever. From this initial meeting of minds came a year of planning their dream wedding in Positano, and a project we will forever be proud of.

Love Written in the Stars

Aida & Fraser are successful businesspeople who both live and work in the US. They are a couple who adore the finer things in life, from food and wine, to vacations away – this is a pairing who know how to live. It was on one of their trips that Aida, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and her American partner Fraser fell in love with Positano and the Amalfi Coast area – and instantly knew this had to be their wedding location. They loved the cuisine, the local wine and most of all the landscape reminded them of their engagement. Knelt down, surrounded by their closest friends, Fraser asked Aida to marry him in a beautiful restaurant that overlooked their city. Positano brought all of those warm feelings back to this happy couple, as they looked out over its dramatic Cliffside vista.

A Rich Mix of Dark Blues & Metallics

As experienced wedding planners in the Amalfi Coast, we believe one of the best places to start putting together a big day, is with the colour scheme. Aida & Fraser were very passionate about their wedding colour palette and knew that they wanted a rich mix of dark blues (sea blue, midnight) golds, coppers and monotones to be used. It was a combination that really spoke to us, and fuelled our passion for their wedding theme, “Midnight in Positano”/“Celestial Italian”. The evenings in the Amalfi Coast are very magical, almost dreamlike, which when paired with their glorious wedding venue Villa San Giacomo, would create a truly fantastical scene. A real wow moment for their 60 beloved friends and family who were there to celebrate with them.

The Amalfi Coast, it Needs Little Dressing Up

Utilising their sophisticated colour scheme and celestial theme, we set about pulling together their big day. The Amalfi Coast is a uniquely beautiful place in the world to host a wedding, and like anything pretty, it needs little dressing up. So we styled their big day in a way that coordinated with our landscape, and our couple’s desires. Firstly, the flowers. Ranging from white to deep blues, with shots of metallic gold and copper, we realised a look that was contemporary-chic and richly layered. When it came to the astral theme, we were very careful to be not too literal with our decorations, so we used touches of outright celestial motifs combined with other moments of neutrality to balance and ensure elegance in their wedding aesthetic. For the ceremony, we brought in a sun theme and as the day progressed into evening, we moved towards the stars and moon for the reception.

An Intimate Wedding, Gloriously Framed by the Amalfi Coast

As clients, Aida and Fraser relied 100% on our work, creativity and experience of the Amalfi Coast from the very beginning, and their approach to us as wedding planners was invaluable in creating their dream big day. All the ideas put together were original and came from us as a team, and their ceremony in particular was an moment where we let our imagination be free. Their vow giving ceremony was sure to be a very intimate moment indeed, and so we thought why not lean in to that feeling of coziness, and sit our couple on comfy seats, instead of stiff chairs. It introduced that feeling of home, and felt less like a wedding venue typically would. And instead of the typical ceremonial arch or gazebo, we created an oversized “altar”! Filled with hand-painted blue and white vases and overflowing with beautiful flowers from top to bottom – it created the most glorious frame for our couple, while also keeping the incredible view on full display.

Sophisticated and Celestial with touches of Symbolic

When it came to the reception, we took their celestial theme a bit more literally, with a fabulous night-sky ceiling of layered lights and crystals hanging over the full length of the table. Luminous flowers rose from a mirrored table, creating a gloriously rich and extravagant overall look. From there, we dropped subtle symbolic touches into the reception design;

The Key – Seating chart

Against a backdrop of midnight blue and starry skies, ‘The Key of Dreams’ gifts luck to each guest, signifying opportunity and prosperity for the future.

The Sun – Welcome sign

Evocative of time and omniscience, the sun and its dials hark back to the ebb and flow, the rise and fall of journey and life, of which marriage is a very special part.

The Tassel – The Napkins

Anciently used as a special ‘weaving knot’ to prevent garments from unravelling, they are symbolic of togetherness and evolved to become a decorative image of prestige and decadence.

The Stars – Above the Table

Five-pointed stars or pentagrams, are found on the Bosnian & American flags. Moving clockwise, each point represents spirit, water, fire, earth and air.

The Moon – The Photo-Station

A feminine symbol, relating to the rhythm of time, immortality and eternity. Referenced in our colour palette and florals used throughout the day, in particular the white blooms set against a backdrop of midnight blue.

As wedding planners in the Amalfi Coast, we see many couples, but few newly-weds have worn their hearts on their sleeves quite like Aida and Fraser. Their dedication to each other was no more evident than when they took their first dance as man and wife. In this moment, they shared just how sincerely in love they were, and close-knit they will forever be as a partnership. This occasion was beautifully sound tracked by our singer Lara Fabian, who sung Caruso, a very poignant song by the Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla. It was an emotional ending, to what was the most touching of wedding day’s in Positano.