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Do you believe…
That on your wedding day, not only you as a couple, but also your guests should be able to feel the love that fills the air? Do you believe that intimate groups can create memorable moments as much as grand affairs, and that vintage chic and a rockabilly band can bring style and grace to the same event without clashing? That traditional by no means infers impersonal or passé, and that your grandmother’s antique veil and your contemporary designer wedding gown can complement each other?

Do you feel…
That saying “I love you” and “yes, I do” in a garden on a hill or on a beach overlooking the sea is no less solemn than in church? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Let us take you on a wonderful journey. Whether it’s casually chic or elegantly sophisticated, SposiamoVi can plan a wedding which will be exclusively and gloriously yours.

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