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Puglia in Southern Italy is a paradise, the perfect place for those who yearn for a wedding destination like no other. Still relatively undiscovered, Puglia is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

Breathtaking scenery awaits you, with a shimmering blue sea, beautiful rugged coastline and thick vegetation typical of the Mediterranean – it captivates the hearts of all who visit. Blessed with a wonderfully mild climate all year round and with a calm pace of life, it is an excellent choice for couples in search of a warm relaxed atmosphere.

You and your guests will be spoiled for choice in terms of how to spend your days. The region offers an abundance of historical and cultural touring opportunities and wine and food tastings for the bons vivants in your party.

Gems not to be missed include the city of Lecce with its exuberant Baroque architecture, the vibrant city of Bari with its maze-like old quarters and cozy restaurants, the enchanting white-washed Trulli houses with their conical roofs in Alberobello and the Grotte di Castellana with its impressive set of underground caves.

For those who prefer some rest and relaxation, Puglia has a fabulous selection of health spas, meaning that both you and your guests are able to enjoy some luxurious pampering during your stay.

Only a few hours by air from most European cities, and with regular flights to Bari and Brindisi airports, Puglia is easily accessible for you and your guests.

Puglia Wedding Planners

At Sposiamovi, we share a love for the Puglia region and a passion for creating elegant weddings there. We believe that you should have the opportunity to experience the real Puglia and the Puglian way of life during your stay.

With a warm, friendly & creative approach, we offer tailored weddings and a highly personalized service. Our planners know exactly where to find the perfect venue to match any request, and our suggestions will thrill you.

Whether you imagine exchanging your vows in a fortified castle, a villa with stunning grounds, a charming country farmhouse surrounded by cherry orchards or a traditional Trulli house – the choice is yours. Or maybe you prefer getting married with the sea as your backdrop, celebrating at sunset with an “al fresco” reception, dining on delicious local delicacies, with a warm Mediterranean breeze gently carrying scents of wild rosemary and thyme.

Whatever your preference, Puglia has an abundance of elegant and sophisticated wedding venues all with their own unique and enchanting setting. A warm sunny Puglian welcome awaits you.


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