Whispers of Romance: Sposiamovi Unveils a Dream Winter Wedding in Florence

Kim and Ronnel

Venue: Palazzo Portinari Salviati and Palazzo Gondi
Catering: Federico Salza
Florist: Sartoria Floreale
Photography: Do Más En La Mesa


Kim, hailing from Manila, Philippines, and Ronnel, a California native, envisioned a winter wedding in the heart of Florence that blended romance, sophistication, and fun. Their dream, prioritizing classical Florentine-style details, a stunning ceremony with unique touches, and a reception filled with opulent elegance, unfolded seamlessly with Sposiamovi. Delighting in a delicious and fun food experience, surrounded by the beauty of a carefully chosen venue, and immersed in a festive atmosphere, their celebration became an unforgettable journey. 

Enter Sposiamovi, the wedding maestros who meticulously crafted Kim and Ronnel's vision into reality. From personalized stationery adorned with blush, red, and gold accents to an enchanting ceremony featuring meticulously crafted pathways lined with ethereal floral arrangements, every detail spoke to the couple's desires. Sposiamovi transformed Palazzo Portinari Salviati and Palazzo Gondi into captivating venues, from a dramatic entrance adorned with arches to an intimate lounge area and a speakeasy-style cellar.

The reception, expertly handled by Federico Salza, featured a decadent dinner table with moody winter blooms, seasonal fruits, and exquisite wines.

The dessert room became a highlight, reminiscent of a classic Italian pasticceria. From croquembouche to cassata siciliana, the room offered a sensory delight.

Sposiamovi went beyond expectations, ensuring chic slippers for tired feet, and personalized dessert bags filled with local delicacies. Each moment was carefully curated, transforming Kim and Ronnel's winter wedding into a masterpiece that surpassed all expectations.

If you dream of your own Italian winter wedding, reach out via our contact form, and let Sposiamovi turn your dreams into an extraordinary celebration.

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